Thursday, 25 April 2013

Easter Holidays at Pauanui!

For the long Easter Weekend we went down to our friends Bach in Pauanui.  It was AWESOME!!!

                                                       I had a little sleep in a sand hole

                                              Heeheehee! I stole Miss H's cellphone!

                                           Kit Kat (Miss H's Bestie) photo bombed my picture!

                                 Hahaha! I look like a propeller hat on top of Kit Kat's head! Heeheehee!

                                                        I do too! What more can I say?



                                                       Mmmmmm! M&M's! My favourite!

                       The girls made me help make lunch! They quickly took the knife off me though...

... and decided that I would be much more helpful in the toastie machine...

Then they gave me a glass of coke because they were sooooooo thankful for all my help!
Ok, not really... I had to sneak some of Miss H's when she wasn't looking...
but my head got stuck and she caught me...
she threatened to throw me to the enemy... *shiver*

Baa. xxx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My very first adventure with Miss H, The Boss, and The Mother was a camper-van trip around the North Island. I joined them half way through when they fell head over heels in lurve with me at a souvenir shop!

They nearly lost me in the snow!!!

 This is me on top of Th Boss' head!  Mount Ngauruhoe is in the background.

I have a safety helmet on for caving in the Waitomo Caves!
Inside the Waitomo Caves!!!


I got to ride on a motorbike inside the museum. 

I got to sit on a tank!!!

 Can you spot me?!   I will give you a hint... I am close to the bottom!

Eureka is the name of my favourite TV series!!!

Baa. xxx